SOCIETEX CF supports the company PIM, a specialist in sound insulation, in its transmission to a manager-buyer

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About PIM

  • Founded by Philippe GIBON and Vasilije VAJOVIC in 1999, the PIM company specializes in sound insulation work for cinemas, theaters and other cultural centers.
  • PIM carries out high-tech projects with strong constraints (height). The acoustic solutions presented to customers are based on 20 years of experience in this niche field.
  • PIM is recognized by its customers for its reliability, its respect for deadlines and technical constraints. The company draws the recurrence of its activity from its long-standing relationships with major operators of French cinemas and with a major in the construction industry on major tertiary sites.


  • Graduated from EDHEC in 2004, Kevin LAPILLONNE has held positions in management control and financial management of hotel groups (Monte-Carlo SBM, Baumanière) for more than 13 years, notably in the management of openings & restructurings and the management of activities. Then he becomes Supply Chain Director of a distribution company for goods and equipment for asbestos removal sites before embarking on a business takeover.
  • For this operation, Kevin LAPILLONNE is working with the main executives of the company and will be able to count on the support of cedants.