Andera Partners and Bpifrance complete the acquisition of MC2 Technologies (Microwave Characterization Center) with a funding round of more than €50M and allow the company to regain a 100% French shareholding

About Societex

  • Nicolas VELLAS and Christophe GAQUIERE, respectively Doctor and Professor in microelectronics, graduated of the University of Lille 1 and researchers at IEMN, have succeeded in a few years in becoming a key player in the global markets of anti-drone, passive detection of hidden objects and very high-speed secure telecommunications.
  • MC2 Technologies designs, manufactures and markets radars and jammers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicules (UAV), passive cameras for object detection as well as microwave products (power amplifiers, transmit-receive modules, etc…). Close to their customers, the products and solutions developed perfectly meet the needs in terms of performance, reliability and security of the user.
  • The firm is positioned on markets responding to numerous security challenges : on the one hand the multiplication of leisure drones and the appearance of more sophisticated military drones and on the other hand a growing need for security in public places. MC2 Technologies invests massively and continuously in R&D for a permanent improvement of its solutions.
  • The acquisition of a stake in MC2 Technologies by Andera Partners and Bpifrance allows the company to consider a very ambitious global development plan, by providing substantial human and financial resources, and gives the company a solid and stable shareholder base, in line with the sovereignty requirements of the French defense and security industry.
  • The financing of the operation is completed by a unitranche debt subscribed by Tikehau Capital