DL Software extends its offer to insurance professionals with the acquisition of Infoelsa, an ERP publisher specializing in property and casualty, and life insurance

About Societex


  • Created in 1989, Infoelsa is a key player among the major companies in the sector. The publisher designs and markets business solutions based mainly on two ERPs: CIRISelsa IARD and CIRISelsa Vie.
  • Of French origin, Infoelsa is an internationally oriented company. Composed of about twenty employees, it supports key accounts such as Allianz and Inter Mutuelle Assistance in France, AXA in the Gulf countries and Egypt, the Algerian Insurance Company and TALA in Algeria, as well as institutional clients such as the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion in Morocco, with a turnover of nearly 4 million euros.


  • Recognized as the business ERP specialist, DL Software now has 11 companies, including 3 in the insurance and health sector.
  • The acquisition of Infoelsa enables it to cover a wide range of insurance businesses: health and provident insurance, both individual and group (with CIM), property and casualty insurance and life insurance (with Infoelsa). This acquisition is also an opportunity for the group to take a further step towards international expansion.