The birth of AgreeFood, a partnership between SOCIETEX and MTI

About Societex

SOCIETEX, in partnership with MTI, is pleased to announce the launch of AgreeFood, an actor specialised in agrifood company mergers and development strategy, both in France and abroad.

Societex and MTI unite their strengths, and create AgreeFood, a new player in business merger and strategy consultancy, exclusively dedicated to agrifood companies throughout France and abroad.

Created in 1952, Societex is an independent investment bank specialised in company mergers, that provides tailor-made services for SMEs, mid-caps, and Groups, both in France and abroad.

MTI is the brand of an independent French network dedicated to agrifood company mergers. Its affiliates all operate in the agrifood sector and are distributed throughout the French territory, as well as in several European countries (Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Italy).

Societex and MTI have established this partnership to better serve agrifood companies, independently, with a team of over twenty experienced agents boasting multiple and complementary skills. This partnership offers its clients or future clients services to meet the current and future challenges of the agrifood world.


For AgreeFood, the heath and economic crisis linked to Covid-19 is an unprecedented and devastating shock, provoking a radical discontinuity in human behaviours as well as speeding up certain heavy trends.

We must live with the virus as long as we have no treatment or vaccine. Agrifood companies have demonstrated their resilience, vitality and their exceptional ability to adapt, especially during the lockdown period.

The freezing of the French economy, linked to an overall drop in activity of over 36%, will entail very serious economic and social consequences.

Unemployment will strongly increase in the months to come, buying power will diminish and corporate debt will reach significant levels, on top of Government debt. Agrifood companies will be partly less impacted, except businesses whose activity is mostly dedicated to HRD, yet all will be suffer significant shocks.

Consumers will be very attentive to prices and the origin of food products. More than ever, they will make the connexion between diet and health, and will look for healthy – and likely organic, products despite the crisis.

Mass Retail will continue to develop its own brands, offer attractive prices to consumers, accelerate e-commerce and adapt supermarket sizes to offer more proximity. Negotiations between agrifood companies and mass retail will be difficult in the years to come.


Aware of these issues, the creation of AgreeFood is resolutely in line with a pragmatic, operational approach, turned to the future. This partnership relies on the establishment of a service offer adapted to the specifics of the agrifood sector and a joint work methodology.

Agrifood SMEs, mid-caps, Groups and Private Equity funds will benefit from services adapted to the agrifood sector: • advice on transfer & acquisition projects in France and abroad  • fund raising operations to fund growth or excessive debt linked to Covid-19 • special situations linked to struggling companies, conflicts among family members or shareholders  • conduct independent valuation operations for SMEs, mid-caps and Groups both in France and abroad.

Our AgreeFood website ( is available for you to find out more about us and discover the content of our missions.