Hotel-Invest Partners, consultancy for investors and managers in the hospitality sector

About Societex

In partnership with Hotel Conseil & Transaction, SOCIETEX is pleased to announce the launch of Hotel-Invest Partners, a new consultancy service for hotel & catering investors and managers.

Twofold expertise

Societex and Hotel Conseil & Transaction (HC&T) have partnered up to form Hotel-Invest Partners and advise hotel & catering investors and managers.

Hotel-Invest Partners is the alliance of an independent investment bank and a specialist of the hospitality sector. It adopts a twofold approach, both operational and financial, to support you with all aspects of the investment cycle and business management.

Our expertise extends to the whole investment cycle and all transactional processes, including: consultancy on transfers, acquisitions, outsourcing, feasibility studies, fund raisers and financial engineering. Pragmatic, operational and turned to the future, we also help you redefine your strategic lines, steer operational or financial performance, as well as restructure and asses your performance.

Supporting you in this challenging context

We are currently experiencing a very challenging period for the whole economy, and especially the hotel & catering sector and all its agents: owners, operators, investors and lenders.

Hotel-Invest Partners aims to help you take the necessary measures to protect your business while simultaneously revaluing the mid- and long term viability of your investments and professional assets. Fighting against these two aspects at the same time, on such a large scale, is uncharted territory for a business sector that was hoping for a good recovery after the consequences of the “gilets jaunes” protests and strikes, before the Covid-19 crisis.

The agreements on operational property must be redefined so as to avoid costly legal consequences, and a mutually acceptable set of rules and assumptions to maintain business need to be agreed upon. We also need to anticipate and prepare the exchanges of asset and portfolio liquidity to mitigate losses.

These observations are drawn from many situations we are currently experiencing with our clients.

Our team of ten professionals put their multi-disciplinary experience and expertise at your service to provide you and your company with the best solutions and crisis management practices tailored to suit the needs of operators and investors in the hotel & catering sector.