SOCIETEX CF gathers a multidisciplinary team of 6 partners and 14 professionals.
Thanks to a shared entrepreneurship culture and sectors experts, we ensure that your projects are successfully conducted.
- Thomas Beaurain-CEO
- Jean-Jacques VAURY-Senior Partner
- Bernard Maussion-Senior Partner
- Pascal Rivière-Senior Partner
- Benoît Cauchard-Partner
- Krzysztof Giecold -Partner
- Renaud Hamelin-Associate Director
- Pierre Jolys-Associate Director
- Alexandre Perez-Analyst
- Elie Achddou-Analyst
- Clément Matelot-Analyst
- François Germain-Partner, Senior Advisor
- Didier Pichon-Senior Advisor
- Pierre Vauterin-Senior Advisor
- Pierre-Yves Le Daëron -Senior Advisor
- Paul Donnelly-Senior Advisor
- Robert Zadora-Senior Advisor
- Philippe Benard-Senior Advisor
- Christophe Ysewyn-Senior Advisor
- Hoang Le Huy-Technology & Innovation Expert
- Thomas Beaurain- CEO
- Jean-Jacques VAURY- Senior Partner
- Bernard Maussion- Senior Partner
- Pascal Rivière- Senior Partner
- Benoît Cauchard- Partner
- Krzysztof Giecold - Partner
- Renaud Hamelin- Associate Director
- Pierre Jolys- Associate Director
- Alexandre Perez- Analyst
- Elie Achddou- Analyst
- Clément Matelot- Analyst
- François Germain- Partner, Senior Advisor
- Didier Pichon- Senior Advisor
- Pierre Vauterin- Senior Advisor
- Pierre-Yves Le Daëron - Senior Advisor
- Paul Donnelly- Senior Advisor
- Robert Zadora- Senior Advisor
- Philippe Benard- Senior Advisor
- Christophe Ysewyn- Senior Advisor
- Hoang Le Huy- Technology & Innovation Expert
Thomas Beaurain

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 92

Graduate from Paris-Dauphine University – Master in financial engineering and corporate finance.

Thomas Beaurain began his career as an auditor at KPMG, including main food business international accounts. He joined SOCIETEX in 2005 as an evaluator, specialized in transactions with the Ministry of Finance and the AMF. He then bought a food company in 2008 (50 people), developed during 5 years (including the construction of a new plant) and which was later sold to a French family group.

He rejoined SOCIETEX in September 2014 where he now provides technical evaluation skills such as his personal experience to advise customers in M&A.

Thomas BEAURAIN is appointed to Chairman in April 2019.

He is fluent in English.

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Jean-Jacques VAURY
Senior Partner

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 80

Jean-Jacques is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a master’s degree in economics, with a major in currency and finance.

He began his career at Credit Agricole SA where he worked in management control, investment banking and financial operations. In 1994, Jean-Jacques joined the Crédit Agricole Group’s private equity division and became General Manager of IDIA and Deputy General Manager of “Union d’Etudes et d’Investissements”, where he and his teams invested in many SMEs.

In 2005, Jean-Jacques created an asset management company, managing private equity funds dedicated to investing in small and mid-cap companies. He left his position as managing partner in 2017 and sold all his shares after having contributed to the development of the company, which now manages more than 500 million euros.

In 2018, he joined Societex bringing his extensive knowledge of investment funds and SMEs, for both their development and transmission.

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Bernard Maussion
Senior Partner

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 88

Bernard Maussion is a graduate from HEC Business School (Paris).

Past owner and manager of small and midsize companies for more than 10 years, he brought to SOCIETEX, which he joined in 2006, his experience in founding companies, acquisitions and managing subsidiaries of groups operating in high-tech and finance.

The recent M&A deals he completed are in sectors as varied as cosmetic industry, IT, medical services, or agro business.

He is fluent in English and Spanish.

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Pascal Rivière
Senior Partner

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 81

Pascal Rivière is a graduated Engineer from Ecole Centrale (Lille) and holds a Master of Business Administration from HEC.

He has taken on the positions of Financial Controler, CFO and Managing Director in different European and American companies operating in the high-tech, media and communication sectors (Digital Equipment Corp, Hewlett-Packard Corp, Softbank, Ziff-Davis Publishing Corp., Adlink Internet Media AG, United-Internet AG, Ateme).

He joined SOCIETEX in 2006 as a specialist in TMT (Technologies Media and Telecom).

He is fluent in both English and German.

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Benoît Cauchard

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 91

Graduated from Business School – Amiens – France, Benoît has a 15 years’ experience in Corporate Finance.

Benoît began his career in working for Grant Thornton Corporate Finance in Paris and in London.

In 2007 he joined the French M&A Boutique Financière de Courcelles before founding is own Boutique, Hexagone Capital in 2013.

Since 2000, Benoît has advised more than 30 transactions in various sectors: Hotel & Leisure, Wine Industry, Financial Services, Insurance Brokerage, Food Industry…

Benoit joined SOCIETEX in April 2016.

He is fluent in English.

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Krzysztof Giecold

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 83

Krzysztof Giecold held a variety of management positions in large international, Dutch, Ital groups, amongst which Development Manager Europe of BRAMBLES INDUSTRIES, a public group listed in Sydney.

Krzysztof joined SOCIETEX in 2001. He is specialized in retail, specialist retail, medical devices and B to B services as logistics and archiving for third parties.

He is fluent in English, German, Dutch, Polish and Czech.

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Renaud Hamelin
Associate Director

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 96

Renaud has a diploma of the Commercial School of the CCIP, a Marketing degree at Kingston University (GB) and a MBA from Cranfield University (GB).

Renaud began his career at Bloomberg as key account manager in London and also practiced at UBS Warburg and Bear Stearns as financial analyst. Renaud advised customers as such the Société Générale, ODDO & Cie and Transport Alstom. In 2007, he joined Conseil & Stratégie then founded Asquare Finance in 2011 focused on fundraising and LBOs.

He joins SOCIETEX in Mars 2016 and brings his knowledge of industrial companies and internet.

He is fluent in English.

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Pierre Jolys
Associate Director

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 82

Graduate from ESSEC Business School, he started his career in financial functions at Xerox in 1989 before joining in 1994 Point P. He joined Saint-Gobain Group during 20 years, where he held in the Group various positions in finance, Development and M&A.

In 2014, he joined the Comex of the family-owned international company Delachaux in charge of M&A (rail infrastructure and Energy and Data Management Systems). Lastly, he joined the Comex of the cement group Eqiom (CRH Group), in charge of Strategy and Development.

In July 2019, he joined Societex and reinforce the company expertise by his extensive knowledge in acquisitions and divestitures of SME and Group subsidiaries. His expertise in building and public works, building materials and B to B distribution reinforces the business expertise of Societex.

Pierre has more than 15 years of experience in M&A, both in corporate or subsidiary of major companies and family-owned companies.

He is fluent in English.

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Alexandre Perez

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 89

Graduated from IESEG School of Management – MSc in Financial.

After working in the industrial sector within the SKF Group, he worked as a financial junior auditor at Deloitte in the Energy and Ressources department. Alexandre joined SOCIETEX in 2017 as Analyst, working with several partners to achieve M&A advisory and valuation missions.

He is fluent in English.

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Elie Achddou

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 95

Graduated from SKEMA Business School – Master in Corporate Finance.

After a first experience in SOCIETE GENERALE PRIVATE BANKING as Product Advisor, he worked as M&A Analyst in a boutique called D&A in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Elie joined SOCIETEX in 2018 as Analyst, where he currently works with several Partners to achieve M&A advisory and valuation missions.

He is fluent in English.



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Clément Matelot

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 84

Engineer graduated from INSA Rennes and AUDENCIA Business School – Master in Corporate Finance.

After several experiences as a construction engineer at VINCI Construction and EIFFAGE Construction, Clément joined SOCIETEX in 2018 as Analyst, where he currently works with several Partners to achieve M&A advisory and valuation missions.

He is fluent in English.

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François Germain
Partner, Senior Advisor

Phone : 33 (0) 1 44 01 06 93

François Germain began his career in the private equity at IDI (Industrial Development Institute) and quickly moved towards Mergers and Acquisitions when he joined an advisory firm. He became a partner when the branch became a separate subsidiary under the name Finance Partenaires taking a majority of the shares in the early 90s.

After developing a partnership with the CEPME (today: OSEO) Finance Partenaires became independant in 1999 in order to merge with SOCIETEX where he is today Partner.

François has a business degree from HEC (Paris).

He is fluent in English.

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Didier Pichon
Senior Advisor

Phone : 33 (0) 6 72 93 51 77

Didier began his information technology career with Renault Automobiles where he was responsible for all industrial systems utilized in the management of product flow for vehicles and assembly parts. Next he joined the Salomon Group where he oversaw the development and worldwide implementation of all the systems and applications used by the company and its affiliates.  In 1995 he was appointed as the Group’s Executive Director for Information Technology and Logistics.

In 2000 Didier was recruited by luxury house Chanel as Senior Vice President of Information Technology.  He spent the next 15 years rebuilding all of the company’s enterprise resource planning systems to state of the arts standards, including entering Chanel into the digital age.

Didier joined SOCIETEX CF in 2016 as Senior Advisor and brings his knowledge and experience of information technology, logistics, and digital information management sectors.

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Pierre Vauterin
Senior Advisor

Phone : 33 (0) 6 13 80 40 74

Pierre VAUTERIN is a graduate of HEC PARIS business school (1973) and STANFORD BUSINESS SCHOOL Executive program (1987).

He has during more than 10 years worked as a marketing and sales (France/ international) leading executive (including inter alia the position of VP marketing and sales of TURBOMECA – aerospace and industrial turbine engines- between 1979 and 1988), then, from 1988 to 2018, in top management positions, mainly for Aerospace and Automotive equipment suppliers.


In each of the above assignments, he has carried out major restructuring and international deployment thrusts.

Pierre VAUTERIN is an alumnus of the French National Defence College (IHEDN), a board member of GIM (Mechanical Industries professional organization of Greater Paris), of MEDEF 93-94 (Business leaders’ organization of Eastern Paris area), of HANVOL association (integration of disabled persons into Aerospace organizations, emanating from GIFAS, French Aerospace Industries Association), and a member of the Strategic Committee of French LNE (National Test lab).

After retiring from TRIUMPH in 2018, he has joined the French Government Inter-company mediation team, within the frame of the Business Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

In 2019, he joins SOCIETEX as a senior Adviser to enhance Aerospace market segment, and global international deployment practice.

He is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

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Pierre-Yves Le Daëron
Senior Advisor

Phone : 33 (0) 6 20 71 34 95

Graduated of Polytechnic, Pierre-Yves Le Daëron began his career as a researcher at CEA, and strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. He then held positions as Director of Marketing & Strategy and general management in European and American groups in industry leaders in distribution. As such, he participated in many M&A operations. He now supports business leaders in the implementation of transformation projects. His area of expertise covers such issues as value creation, innovation, execution and implementation issues.

In 2014, he joined SOCIETEX as Senior Advisor.

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Paul Donnelly
Senior Advisor

Phone : 33 (0) 6 07 08 43 07

Paul Donnelly has had all his career in the telecom corporate business, working in particular for SITA and Equant. He held a position of Sales Director for several Regions (Africa, Southern-Europe, North-America), then he became Director General of Equant Europe and later Head of Outsourcing. After some consulting activities, in 2005 Paul created a virtual carrier company with full international coverage, which he sold to Tata Communications in 2008. He then joined a start-up involved in telecom cost management, originating its acquisition by Econocom in 2012. Still active on a part-time basis, with lobbying activities for Econocom.

Dual citizenship, French and US.

In 2014, he joined SOCIETEX as Senior Advisor.

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Robert Zadora
Senior Advisor

Phone : 33 (0) 7 61 33 91 47

MSC of Arts et Métiers, Robert ZADORA had a strong experience in energy business.

At EDF, involved in engineering, preparing offers for export, construction, start-up of nuclear units and their transfer to the operator in France (Dampierre en Burly) then abroad (Koeberg in South Africa and Daya Bay in China).

At EDF GDF Services, from 1991 to 1999, he was director of the Territorial Agency Ariège, then in Lyon responsible for controlling and performance management of the South East region.

With GDF and GDFSUEZ, from 1999 to 2014, he held several general management and executive board positions in foreign subsidiaries in Hungary (Egaz and Degaz), Slovakia & Czech Republic (SPP) and Poland (GSEP) leading restructuring and projects with strong performance improvements.

Lastly, since 2014 at Engie, he had several assignments, including the evaluation of the projects proposed by the Business Units and to be validated by the Group HQ (about 150 operations of more than 10M € per year). Evaluation covering all aspects of development and M & A projects: technical, commercial, financial and legal and in all domains of the group’s activities.

In January 2019, he joins SOCIETEX as a Senior Advisor.

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Philippe Benard
Senior Advisor

Phone : 33 (0) 6 14 16 26 14

ESME engineer, graduated of ESSEC and holder of an Executive MBA from HEC (CPA), Philippe Bénard spent most of his career as an executive in the industry and B2B services in international groups such as Alcatel, Cegelec, Neiman, Xerox, Siemens or Elektrowatt.

Moreover, as the founder Partner of NewBridge Partners since 2004, he has rich operational experience through missions interim management in a variety of industries such as security, building technologies, components electronics, telecommunications, office automation, rail and automotive equipment.

In 2014, he joined SOCIETEX as Senior Advisor.

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Christophe Ysewyn
Senior Advisor

Phone : 33 (0) 6 02 14 58 70

Graduated from the Special Military Institute of Saint Cyr and the French “Ecole de Guerre”, Christophe YSEWYN spent his career in the Ministry of Armed Forces of France, and in the highest institutions.

Manager of various operational units of about 100 collaborators: leading population protection operations in Kosovo, Côte d’Ivoire, Guadeloupe and the Central Africa…

Analyst in an institution in charge of the organization of the army: project manager of an information system designed to describe the organizational structure of the army ; in the field of human resources and equipment.

Director of operations in Djibouti: head of a management team responsible of ensuring the preparation and of conducting the operational engagement of a unit of 800 collaborators in the desert.

Crisis Team Manager: in the Operations Planning and Control Center (CPCO), management of a team of analysts responsible for monitoring, anticipating, updating and of the assessment of the situation on the African continent in the context of international crises.

Operational director of an operational unit in the Ministry of Armies: management of an operational unit of 700 employees.

Strategic Director and Innovation: manager of a team in charge of providing security expertise to the highest political and military authorities.

In 2019, he joined SOCIETEX as Senior Advisor.

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Hoang Le Huy
Technology & Innovation Expert

Phone : 33 (0) 6 33 26 30 05

Hoang LE HUY graduated from ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers), engineering school, then completed his military service as VSNE (Voluntary Service National for an Enterprise) at Caisse Française du Développement in Comoros Island during 16 months.

Back to Paris, he joined JP Morgan as internal auditor, then is transferred to London in 1994. From 1994 until 2015, he will stay in London, except a spell in New York from 2008 until 2009.

After a year at JP Morgan London, he switched to The Royal Bank of Scotland to form the market risk team, then in 1997, he joined Banque Paribas as head of market risk for Fx, Fx options and risk arbitrage. In 2001, he moved to Commerzbank Securities as head of risk for the proprietary trading activities.

By end 2003, he moved to investment side, for the fund of funds firm New Finance Capital, in London where he will be in charge of funds selection for the event-driven and merger arbitrage strategies as well as fixed income strategies. He managed a dedicated event-driven FoF, then from 2011 he co-managed the flagship FoF of New Finance Capital (Opus Fixed Income). He was assigned for 2 years in New York (2008/2009). Following the acquisition of NFC by Schroders, he will work on the transition at Schroders London from 2012 until 2015, most notably on the Ucits platform (GAIA) and on the implementation of alternative strategies within Schroders funds.

Back in Paris in 2016, he becomes “business angel” within two Business Angels Networks (ENSAE BAE, and AMBA) and at Arts et Métiers Business Angels (AMBA), he is appointed head of the Paris branch (representing more than 100 members, out of the 200 of the association in France), mostly involved in start-up selection and due diligence before investment.

In 2019, he joined SOCIETEX as Technology & Innovation Expert.

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