The seller: COROBOR SYSTEMS is a software editor and IT solution supplier in the meteorological field.

For the past 10 years, the company has realised over 80% of its revenue abroad and has locations in more than 130 countries with a particularly strong influence in Middle-East, Africa, Asia and South America.

The Buyer:
CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC is an American group specialized in manufacturing and commercializing sensors and instruments such as meteorological ones.


On his way to retirement, the leading founder is willing to hand over its company. Created in the 90s, he is the only shareholder with 100% of COROBOR SYSTEMS’s stake.


The transaction occurred in September 2014 and allowed CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC to strengthen its position on the French market and gain clients from 130 countries. It was the perfect match for COROBOR SYSTEMS to diversify and expand its international development. This operation moves the software culture and the hardware one closer. New projects will now include data collection from meteorological software linked to sophisticated sensors.


SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE led the seller through the entire hand over project. TMT IMAP team proved its expertise and its selection skills when finding the best international offer in a worldwide vertical market. It is the third NTIC hand over that SOCIETEX realized this year thanks to the IMAP network.
- The activity
- The environment
- The market position
- The company strengths
- Transaction expectations
- Establishing the needed documentation
- Defining a strategic approach after reaching IMAP network and in agreement with the client
- Organizing management presentations
- Advising on a proper arrangement
- Collection and analysing LOI and commitment offers
- Creating a competitive process using over the counter negotiations or “open bid”.
- Advising the seller for its final buyer choice
- Optimizing asset and liability guarantee
- Ensure the completeness of the transaction in harmony with the client advice


Director point of view, Michel Bourgues
“The SMB director is totally committed into the daily management of its company. Having advice from merger and acquisition specialists was a decisive point to prepare and run the hand over process, but also to identify key targets and negotiate the best deal. SOCIETEX team led us through this transmission operation with great efficiency.”


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