Created in 1938, F. BERNASCONI ET CIE is a leading building and civil engineering company in French-speaking Switzerland which performs more than €100M revenues. Definitely future oriented, the firm has become a key player thanks to its strong know-how, its skills and its consistent evolution and innovation will. F. BERNASCONI ET CIE operates in the fields of construction, civil engineering and infrastructures.

After they took back the company’s direction at the beginning of 1997, Sylvio BERNASCONI and Claude MARTIGNIER ensured a continuous growth and a strong development of their company. Since then, F. BERNASCONI ET CIE has greatly expanded its catchment area by realizing large scale projects all over Romandie, operating from its headquarters in Neuchatel, as well as from its offices in Payerne and Geneva. Over 15 years, the company’s employees have proven their know-how and talent in various fields of construction works. The company’s participation in large scale projects such as CEVA or the Cornavin train station in Geneva, the housings Cadolles in Neuchatel, the commercial center of the Esplanade in Porrentruy or even the EPFL in Lausanne, must be highlighted.


In November 2012, aware of maintaining the company in that growth dynamic and strengthening the foundations of such a success, the shareholders of F. BERNASCONI ET CIE decided to appoint two financial partners, SEC PARTNERS and CICLAD, in order to back them in this new development step. An OBO (Owner buyout) transaction was finalized.


“This partnership with SEC PARTNERS and CICLAD will give us the means to increase our market share by developing our activities in regions that we had left behind until now” said Sylvio Bernasconi.


SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE drove the shareholders through the research of partners, shall they be strategic or financial actors. SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE worked in the aim of pooling a construction and civil works specialist in France (CICLAD) and a local expert (SEC) who would bring its knowledge of the Swiss market.
Here, we are talking about the second operation implying the shareholders of F. BERNASCONI ET CIE. In 2005, SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE had introduced HUSSOR, a company that F. BERNASCONI ET CIE had then bought.
- The activity
- The environment
- The market position
- The company strengths
- Transaction expectations
- Establishing the needed documentation
- Defining a strategic approach after reaching IMAP network and in agreement with the client
- Organizing management presentations
- Advising on a proper arrangement
- Collection and analysing LOI and commitment offers
- Creating a competitive process using over the counter negotiations or “open bid”.
- Advising the seller for its final buyer choice
- Optimizing asset and liability guarantee
- Ensure the completeness of the transaction in harmony with the client advice


“Sylvio and I are very pleased and trouble-free our company gained the support of new partners.
That enlargement of shareholders will boost our development and provide our executives with the opportunity to fully express their capacities within a dynamic and future-oriented enterprise.
Opening the capital to management will be proposed and will constitute an additional asset as well as the insurance of the company’s continuation.
Our main view is that a company must survive those who have lead it during one generation. Our partnership with SEC PARTNERS and CICLAD fully addresses this key issue.
Within this research and negotiation phase, the work done by SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE has been decisive.”


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