ALKOS-COSMOGEN, a €64M revenue group, is a manufacturer of top range packaging solutions for cosmetic products.

Created in 1982 by Gérard GIEUX, COSMOGEN gradually moved towards top range packaging for cosmetics aiming at well-known luxury brands as for main customer basis.

In 1988, Gérard GIEUX takes over one of its clients ALKOS COSMETIQUES (cosmetic pencils) and enters the formulation business and cosmetics manufacturing activity. In 2008, backed by financial investors (BPI FRANCE and NCI GESTION), he buys two other companies – INTERCOSMETIQUES and SAGAL (makeup, care and sanitary products) – and brings them together within the ALKOS Group.


Following an outstanding expansion period for both groups during which Gérard GIEUX succeeded in settling in France, USA, Brazil and China, he decided it was time to find a suitable successor for operational management. Gérard GIEUX would keep a minority stake and assume the position of chairman of the supervisory board. It is Dominique VAUTIER, president of the ALKOS Group since September 2010, that leads the development strategy of the ALKOS and COSMOGEN Groups.


The management buyout operation lead in April 2014 by MBO PARTENAIRES (holding a majority stake at 51% of the acquisition vehicle) enables Dominique VAUTIER to become CEO and shareholder of the ALKOS-COSMOGEN Group. Gérard GIEUX keeps a meaningful equity stake and remains involved into the Group’s strategy and financial investors which were arrived in 2008 managed an advantageous exit. Top executives become shareholders and will support Dominique VAUTIER in carrying out an ambitious strategic plan. This business route will be essentially focused on organic growth, new products development and international expansion.


SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE stood side by side with the ALKOS Group leading it through its capital reorganization, negotiating the exit of historical financial shareholders, uprise at capital of management and the entry of a new partner. SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE brought evidence on its ability to balance the interests of every actor providing the ALKOS Group with the best perspectives for its future.
- The activity
- The environment
- The market position
- The company strengths
- Transaction expectations
- Establishing the needed documentation
- Defining a strategic approach after reaching IMAP network and in agreement with the client
- Organizing management presentations
- Advising on a proper arrangement
- Collection and analysing LOI and commitment offers
- Creating a competitive process using over the counter negotiations or “open bid”.
- Advising the seller for its final buyer choice
- Optimizing asset and liability guarantee
- Ensure the completeness of the transaction in harmony with the client advice


« SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE has perfectly managed the whole transaction, starting with searching for the right financial partner, to negotating a deal matching with the interest of all parties. »Gérard GIEUX – Founder of the ALKOS – COSOMOGEN Group


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