SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE has advised LDC Group in its external growth project in Hungary with the acquisition of TRANZIT GROUP.

The companies TRANZIT FOOD and TRANZIT KER are specialized in geese and ducks and realize a 108M€ consolidated turnover of which 60% is realized abroad.
TRANZIT GROUP, a family group whose second generation is now in command, has 1 hatchery, 46 farms (representing 300 000m² of breeding area), 2 food factories and 2 slaughterhouses mainly dedicated to ducks and geese. A new chicken activity was developed in the spring of 2017.

This transaction is friendly and represents a true association with the founding family of TRANZIT GROUP, which will continue to drive growth. A base of common values of family governance within the two groups will reinforce the project (LDC is nearly 75% owned by family shareholders).

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