The buyer:
KNAUF INDUSTRIES is the packaging subsidiary of the German group KNAUF, one of the worldwide leaders in the products for the building industry (more than 5 billion euros turnover with almost 20,000 employees in 35 countries). KNAUF INDUSTRIES also has a leading position on the EPS molded parts market. The company realized around 250 million euros turnover with 1,400 employees through 30 sites around the world. Because of shifting to plastic from EPS for some of the food packages, the group also has the opportunity to grow in the food sector.

The seller:
MACAPLE was founded in 1947 and established in Loiret in the city of Pithiviers (45). Mr. Roger HARTLEY who took over the company in the 90s, decided to retire and ensure the continued good governance of the firm. The company is specialized in plastic extrusion and thermoforming, and more precisely in the plastic packaging for food businesses.


As part of its development in the food packaging industry, KNAUF INDUSTRIES is willing to buy a European company and assigns SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE (IMAP France) with this mission.


In February 2012, KNAUF INDUSTRIES entirely took over MACAPLE’s equity. This acquisition enables the company to enforce the development of its plastic extrusion and thermoforming activities for the food processing industry which is booming and to own new production facilities close to its clients. The KNAUF Group’s strength brought together with its family business culture, will make MACAPLE integration easy and revive its growth.


SOCIETEX CORPORATE FINANCE led KNAUD INDUSTRIES in its external growth project. A selection of targets was approached, in France and in other European countries, thanks to the IMAP network. Many studies started and the company came to a successful negotiation with MACAPLE.
- The activity
- The environment
- The market position
- The company strengths
- Transaction expectations
- Establishing the needed documentation
- Defining a strategic approach after reaching IMAP network and in agreement with the client
- Organizing management presentations
- Advising on a proper arrangement
- Collection and analysing LOI and commitment offers
- Creating a competitive process using over the counter negotiations or “open bid”.
- Advising the client in the choice for the better counterparty
- Optimizing asset and liability guarantee
- Ensure the completeness of the transaction in harmony with the client advices

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